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A unit for every product

Our beautiful units are suited for any location: flower shops, student accommodation, hotels, museums, gyms, shopping centers, airports and train stations... Wherever your customers are, there is room for an ANMAC unit to expand your brand without committing to rent and new personnel.


With an ANMAC unit you can test locations, run a pop-up or an exclusive event and expand your footprint with a unit that is controlled remotely and offers real-time data insights.

For gyms


For florists


For student halls

We have a beautiful unmanned vending machine for every business


Not a regular vending machine

ANMAC automatic retail units can sell a variety of products: beauty and toiletries, handbags, luxury accessories, home furnishings, sports equipment, electrical goods and so much more. Our units come in a variety of door sizes so you can choose which one fits your products best. 

The unit's touchscreen that displays the vending menu can also be used to display promotional material or any funny, engaging or inspirational content your brand can think of.

The outside appearance of the unit, including the colour finish, logos and backlit top can be fully customised to your brand identity.

Start imagining your
new ANMAC unit today

Our ANMAC vending machine business gives you the power to respond to ever-changing consumer habits. And since you can monitor it in real-time remotely, you'll be able to adjust prices and decide which products would be best to replenish the unit with.

It’s a win-win deal
for the retailer and
the consumer.
Lush unit top
Lush unit top

An ANMAC unit selling Lush products

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Lush unit
Lush unit

An ANMAC unit selling Lush products

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Lush unit
Lush unit

An ANMAC unit selling Lush products

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Lush unit top
Lush unit top

An ANMAC unit selling Lush products

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Get in touch with us to learn more about our vending machines price & vending machine lease options and start imagining your new retail location with ANMAC.
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Windows you can shop from


Your ANMAC unit can be delivered in your bespoke company colours and the touchscreen menu can also be customised to follow your brand guidelines.

The touchscreen is able to display still images and video to further transmit your brand message and promotions.


ANMAC provides a full end-to-end solution for brands and retailers. Units are a cost-effective way of extending your retail operation to be 24/7.

Use ANMAC to drive your business and optimise your presence. Install as an independent satellite salespoint or locate the unit near your store to sell your products all the time, all year around.


ANMAC units allow you to test prospective retail areas as "pop-up"retail locations for your brand. Units can be easily relocated for efficient data-gathering.

Improve your productivity and sales by automating your product's ordering and stock whilst reducing costs through efficient control of your inventory and expenses.