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ROCKFLOWER is a cutting-edge 

automated retailing platform. 

Our cloud based system allows for instant sales of your products 24/7/365.

This unique retail experience
increases profits and enhances
your brand.



Our Prince units are ideal for instant sales of 24 x Bouquets and 6 x Houseplants.
The popular wall unit has 30 display lockers and the 360º unit has 78 Display Lockers. 

Prince is our current model with 30 trading lockers or 78 in the Double Units and automated safety-glass doors. 

  • The Unit is mounted on lockable wheels for mobility.

  • LED illuminated

  • Secure credit, debit and mobile payment options

  • Fully approved Health and Safety KIWA certification


The 27″ HD touchscreen is powered by a software system that utilises the best technology to allow you to manage your services and keep the unit running flawlessly. On the upper screen there is an option for you to display images of your product or sell as advertising space for an extra income stream.

  • 227 cm x 180 cm x 73 cm 
    (H x W x D)

  • Intel Apollo Lake Pentium Core Processor

  • 27″ Full HD display, with video playback (portrait 9:16)

  • 240V single plug-in



integrate cutting edge design, technology & functionality
Beautiful Hardware
Easy-to-use Software

Data driven

customers insight

The ANMAC units communicate in real-time with the online backoffice platform where you'll be able to control the status and stock of all your units in real time, so you know what is selling at each location.

The back-office tools allow you to merchandise your auto-retailing units to suit each unit's location and demographic.


It's easy to create your catalogue of products with your bespoke product pictures and descriptions. 

Our technology partners can work with you to customise the software if needed, or to connect your ANMAC units with your e-commerce platform.

The LED-illuminated lockers display your products beautifully behind safety-glass self-closing doors.

The units have an optimised footprint to maximise the number of products you can display, while keeping your location rental costs low.

Units are fitted with a contactless payment solution that is safe, convenient and fast.

ANMAC units are ideally located in high-footfall areas: airports, railway stations, shopping malls, market places, piazzas, universities etc



Clapham Junction

Clapham Junction Station

St John’s Hill, Battersea
London SW11 2QP

Canon Street

Canon Street Station
Canon Street
London EC4M 5TA



Stadelhofen Bahnhof

Stadelhoferstrasse 8
8001 Zürich, Switzerland



In 1993 whilst living in the US,  Andrew founded ROCKFLOWER / ANMAC. Developing the concept of upgrading the traditional Retail Vending into Auto Retailing.

ROCKFLOWER embraces advancements in the software industry and is driving the revolution in retail sales within the 24/7 on-the-go everyday essential products.

Andrew's design demands excellent high-end finihs, easy function and sustainability. 

ROCKFLOWER units are always driven by the requirement for innovation and customer satisfaction.

ROCKFLOWER / ANMAC started trading at Blackfriars Station in central London in 2014 as Europe’s first fully integrated flower bouquet unit selling 24/7/365.

Having had great success with our first unit we are now 3 generations of progressive designs later and trade as ANMAC.  


ROCKFLOWER / ANMAC now design, build and sell Auto Retail Vending Units for a huge range of retail products worldwide.


the team


Andrew McAlpine
New Zealand born Andrew McAlpine continues as a designer of feature films. He is best known for designing The Piano, The Beach, An Education, Me Before You, Clockers, Aeon Flux  and Sid & Nancy.

Andrew created the concept of Rockflower and ANMAC whilst living in LA.

His foresight and passion for sustainable technology became a reality when our first Rockflower Vending Unit started trading at Londons Blackfriars Train Station 2014.

ROCKFLOWER and ANMAC have since expanded to many locations throughout Europe.


Andrew heads up all aspects of the constantly evolving demands of our units designs and branding.

Gemma Jackson


Gemma Jackson is a well-known international film and TV designer of 30+ projects.

Gemma is best known as the designer for the much awarded Bridget Jones Diary, Finding Neverland, King Arthur, Iris, Disney's Aladdin, the astonishing Game of Thrones and recently Guy Ricthie's The Gentleman.

Gemma and Andrew are partners in life and Anmac Auto Retailing Ltd. She is a driving force behind Rockflower and its colourful progress in our cities around the world.


Anna Martinez

Digital Product Designer

Anna is currently working closely with Andrew and Gemma to ensure the brand’s innovative design and vision are achieved.

Anna has worked as Digital Product Manager in innovative and groundbreaking projects from startups to large companies for the past 10 years. With her background in Electronic Engineering and her experience steering digital projects, Anna is helping lead all day-to-day operational requirements at ANMAC.  


Robert Amor
Robert is driving the vision and strategy of ANMAC and working with the whole team to ensure that ANMAC can develop another channel for businesses 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Robert has worked across the world for retailers for over 20 years and held positions that include setting up merchandising functions, running digital transformation projects and more recently driving innovative projects with both established and early stage startups.  With experience in running large scale digital projects and consulting, Robert is driving ANMAC to businesses across the world who need to market and sell their products whenever their customers need it.





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