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Bring your new retail experience to life

We bring the future of unmanned retail to your business, today. Get in touch and we'll take care of everything to get your satellite vending store ready to start selling 24/7


Your machine,
your look

ANMAC units cater for a wide variety of products such as beauty gift packs, electrical goods, pharmaceuticals, household needs, handbags, trainers and more.

These automatic vending machines can have their outside appearance and menu interface fully customised to reflect your brand and products: your brand presence is always consistent.

The 33" touch-screen can be personalised with brand messages, photographs and promotional or inspirational video content.

Start imagining your
new ANMAC unit today

Our ANMAC vending machine business gives you the power to respond to ever-changing consumer habits. Get in touch with us to learn more about our vending machines price and vending machine lease options and start imagining your new retail location with ANMAC.

It’s a win-win deal
for the retailer and
the consumer.
Let your imagination run wild!

meets design

integrate cutting edge design, technology & functionality
Beautiful Hardware
Innovative Software

The LED-illuminated lockers display your products beautifully behind safety-glass self-closing doors.

Our units are contactless vending machines with a payment solution that is safe, convenient and fast.

ANMAC units are ideally located in high-footfall areas: airports, railway stations, shopping malls, offices, universities and schools


The ANMAC units communicate in real-time with the online backoffice platform where you'll be able to control the prices in real-time, and adjust your ads on the machine to optimise your sales.

The software tracks information about your customers so you can understand who is using the machines. 

Our technology partners can work with you to customise the software if needed, or to connect your ANMAC units with your e-commerce platform.

Data driven

customers insight

Data fingertips

Reduce costs with a unmanned retail machine

Learn more our vending machines price & vending machine lease options today

ANMAC offers a disruptive turn-key retail channel for brands and retailers.

Our solution combines uniquely-designed vending machines, to beautifully showcase your products, with an online platform you can monitor from your phone or laptop in real time.

With your new ANMAC vending machine business, your clients will be able to purchase your products 24/7, increasing your revenue with little upfront investment, optimising retail spaces and minimising labour costs.


Your personless store: a new sales channel

Be present anywhere your customers are

Any high-footfall location can be perfect for your brand to expand to, but good rental spaces can be difficult to find.

ANMAC units can be conveniently installed in locales such as airports, gyms, hotel foyers or student halls.

You can also try new locations: install your unit, gather data and understand how your customers are shopping there before stablishing  a brick-and-mortar store.

Contact us about our options to rent a vending machine and do a proof of concept! 
Allow yourself to be creative!

ANMAC units can be monitored remotely and are easy to use. 

You can do exclusive launches at your vending unit locations, direct click & collect orders to your unit, use them to take customers to your website or have them place a preorder if one of the products is not available on site. 

After integration, you can use your loyalty point system with our unit to continue to drive sales and repeat purchases at your vending units.

And you will never have to do this on your own! The ANMAC team is happy to help and will be just an email or phone call away.

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