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eBay, ‘Single-wear summer is over’

by PR Week

EBay UK has announced its mission to end ‘single-wear summer’, after finding that Brits are expected to buy 50 million throwaway outfits this year. To combat fast fashion bad habits, the brand opened a pre-loved clothes vending machine in Paddington Station, offering holiday-goers heading to Heathrow the chance to grab their forgotten items, second-hand.

ebay_single wear summer_paddington station_280523_001.jpg

Cosmetics firm Lush has opened a 24-hour vending machine. It's the most luxurious I've ever seen — but also the most expensive, with every product costing more than $20.

by Business Insider

Cosmetics giant Lush has opened a 24-hour vending machine that allows shoppers to buy its products at any time of the day or night. 

The vending machine is situated in Coal Drop's Yard, London, around a ten-minute walk from King's Cross Station, one of London's busiest rail terminals. I headed over to the tiny store on my lunch break to check it out.

The machine is unlike any other vending machine I've used before. It's a much larger, circular-shaped kiosk, which allows shoppers to walk around it to browse the products on display.

lush insider.png

A New Venture into Automated Retail

by Lush

Lush has opened its first ever 24 hour, automated retail experience in the covetable Coal Drops Yard at King’s Cross, London. Always open, always available, filled with fresh handmade products and created with the future of automated retail in mind.

lush news.jpg

Lush launches 24 hour automated shopping experience

by The Retail Bulletin

Lush has chosen London’s Coal Drops Yard for the opening of its first 24 hour, automated retail experience.


The pop-up will initially run for six months with products and the design being interchangeable as the retailer looks to catch the eye of shoppers passing by.


Vending machine in Clapham lets you get fresh flowers 24/7


We’d love to be the domesticated type who always has fresh flowers in a vase on the table.

But we are lazy. We’re also quite busy, and don’t fancy dedicating our precious spare time schlepping to a market to pick up a new bunch every Sunday.


High-tech “automated retail unit” selling flowers 24/7 launched in Clapham Junction

by Charged

Commuters travelling through London’s busiest station will now be able to buy flowers 24-hours a day thanks to a new high-tech refrigerated vending machine.

Rockflower has installed its first permanent “auto retail unit” in Clapham Junction station following successful two-year trial of the service at London’s Blackfriars station.

rockflower short.png

The modern florist continues to develop

by Nyenrode Incubator (translated)

“We want to break the 9-to-5 mentality within the flower world with an automatic for flowers,” says Carlo van Noortwijk, co-owner of Daily Flowers. The start-up has its office in the incubator of Nyenrode Business University in Amsterdam.


Lush has always strived to dazzle our customers, from our product innovations through to bringing our core values into every aspect of our retailing.


Using the highest quality of automated retail machines with our partner, Anmac, we are able to surprise and delight with a micro store that is open 24 hours a day to the public at Coal Drops Yard. It is a retail theatre that never sleeps, live glow on the go!

Charlotte Howe, Lush group retail team

Lush 6.jpg


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