Cutting-edge Intelligent Retail Vending Units

ANMAC offers a disruptive turn-key retail channel for brands and retailers.

Our solution combines uniquely designed smart kiosks, which beautifully showcases your products, with a robust online monitoring platform to create a simple end-to-end workflow for your business.


With your new ANMAC vending solution, your clients will be able to purchase your products 24/7, increasing your revenue with little upfront investment, optimising retail spaces and store labour.



integrate cutting edge design, technology & functionality
Beautiful Hardware
Easy-to-use Software

The LED-illuminated lockers display your products beautifully behind safety-glass self-closing doors.

The units have an optimised footprint to maximise the number of products you can display, while keeping your location rental costs low.

Units are fitted with a contactless payment solution that is safe, convenient and fast.

ANMAC units are ideally located in high-footfall areas: airports, railway stations, shopping malls, market places, piazzas, universities etc

The ANMAC units communicate in real-time with the online backoffice platform where you'll be able to control the status and stock of all your units in real time, so you know what is selling at each location.

The back-office tools allow you to merchandise your auto-retailing units to suit each unit's location and demographic.


It's easy to create your catalogue of products with your bespoke product pictures and descriptions. 

Our technology partners can work with you to customise the software if needed, or to connect your ANMAC units with your e-commerce platform.

Data driven

customers insight


Your Product,
Your Brand

ANMAC units have evolved from fresh flower vending machines selling hand-made bouquets, to cater for a wide variety of products such as beauty gift packs, electrical goods, pharmaceuticals, household needs, handbags, trainers and more.

These automatic vending machines can have their outside appearance and menu interface fully customised to reflect your brand and products: your brand presence is always consistent.

The 27" touch-screen becomes an attractive digital storefront which can be personalised with brand messages, photographs and promotional or inspirational video content.

Start imagining your
new ANMAC unit today

Our ANMAC Automated Retailing Solutions give you the power to respond to ever-changing consumer habits. Get in touch with us to learn more and start imagining your new retail location with ANMAC.

It’s a win-win deal
for the retailer and
the consumer.
Let your imagination go wild!


Adapt your ANMAC Unit incorporating your established branding designs.


Your units can be delivered in your bespoke company colours and the touchscreen menu can also be customised to follow your brand guidelines.

The touchscreen is able to display still images and video to further transmit your brand message and promotions.


ANMAC provides a full end-to-end solution for brands and retailers. Units are a cost-effective way of extending your retail operation to be 24/7.

Use ANMAC to drive your business and optimise your presence. Install as an independent satellite salespoint or locate the unit near your store to sell your products all the time, all year around.

ANMAC units are best installed in busy locations where your product can reach the time-pressed on-the-go shopper. 


Reduce store labour costs by optimising the ordering and restocking of your 24/7 auto retailing units. 

ANMAC units allow you to test prospective retail areas as "pop-up"retail locations for your brand. Units can be easily relocated for efficient data-gathering.


Improve your productivity and sales by automating your product's ordering and stock whilst reducing costs through efficient control of your inventory and expenses. 


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