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Just like birthstones and astrological signs, each birth month has an associated flower. It is believed that flowers were given as gifts as early as in the Roman Empire as a way to honour Roman Gods on birthdays. The specific meanings of different flowers emerged during the Victorian Era to allow secret messages to be exchanged between lovers. Young men could send ladies inconspicuous bouquets of different kinds and colours of flowers to communicate privately.




Today, the language of birth month flowers makes giving flowers as gifts thoughtful and unique. Not only does each month have an associated flower, each flower has a hidden message. For a touching birthday gift, give a simple bouquet containing the recipient’s birth month flower. For special occasions or “just because” gifts, floral arrangements can convey a special meaning based on which flowers are in your bouquet. Perhaps a bouquet of asters and roses to say “take care of yourself for me” and “I love you” to someone that is feeling a bit under the weather. Or brighten a dim office with a bouquet of daisy and lily flowers to inspire cheerfulness and happiness with your customers and coworkers. Follow our guide below, to customise a bouquet with a special meaning – or make sure you pick the right one from our current collection.




These tall and slim flowers with round blooms symbolise love, fascination and distinction. Give carnations of red, pink or yellow based on the meaning you would like to convey. Red means “my heart aches for you”, pink means “I’ll never forget you” and yellow is “I wish I could be with you”. Perhaps a bouquet of yellow for a long distance friend, or a posy of pink and red for a long term partner.



Violet and Iris

These deep purple, indigo and yellow blooms symbolize faithfulness and humility.

Giving a purple variety of violet or iris means “I’ll always be true” while gifting a white or cream bouquet means “let’s take a chance”. Gifting a violet or iris for a February birthday is a great contrast against the traditional red roses known for Valentine’s Day.




These trumpet shaped blooms are traditionally bright yellow in colour, and mean that springtime is here for many people. But did you know that the hidden meaning of daffodils are “You are an angel”? Wonderful.



Sweet Pea or Daisy

The fragrant sweet pea is usually blue in colour and symbolises pleasure or goodbye, which explains it’s hidden message of “Thank you for a lovely time”. Perfect for bringing to an April birthday party or event!

The bright sunshine yellow and white daisy however represents cheerfulness, innocence, purity and beauty. Many times strewn into a flower crown, the daisy is many times associated with children, so they make a great gift for new moms or first birthdays.





The bell shaped blooms of the lily mean “You’ve made my life complete”. The lily of the valley however represents sweetness, humility and return to happiness. Perfect to show someone that they complete you. One of our most popular bouquets, Spooky, is bursting with fresh lilies, perfect for a May birthday.




The rose is one of the most symbolic flowers, with many meanings. The most traditional meaning of the rose is love. The red rose means “I love you”, the white rose means “I am worthy of you” and “You are heavenly” and the yellow rose means “I am not worthy of your love”. When giving a bouquet of roses, it symbolises gratitude, while gifting a single rose amplifies the meaning of the colour.




These tall bountiful blooms symbolizes feelings of an open heart and ardent attachment. The name delphinium is derived from the flowers dolphin shaped blossoms. These fragrant and stunning flowers each have their own meaning based on colour. Pink means “Fickleness”, white means “Joyful, Happy-Go-Lucky”, and the traditional purple means “You have such a sweet disposition”.




The gladiolus represents strength and moral integrity and its name comes from the latin word of sword. These funnel shaped flowers represent “Love At First Sight” to indicate that the heart is being “pierced with love”.




This autumn flower also referred to as the “September flower” symbolizes love, faith, wisdom and colour because they provide a burst of colour as landscapes turn to earth tones in the fall.  The aster is found in pink, red, white, purple and beige. The hidden message of the aster is “Take care of yourself for me”. A great gift for long distance loved ones.





These bright fall flowers symbolise warm love, affection, grace, sorrow or sympathy. The hidden meaning can be interpreted as whichever the giver or recipient would like as it is “my thoughts are with you”. Marigolds will not survive cut, so gift in a small decorative pot.





The “mum” is a symbol of the sun and it symbolizes cheerfulness and love. They can be found in pink, red, yellow and white and sometimes orange tones. The red mum means “I love you”, the white mum means “innocence or purity” and the yellow mum means “slighted love”. All mums have the secret meaning of “You’re a wonderful friend.”




A staple decoration for Christmas, the poinsettia is actually not a flower at all. The red petal looking blooms are actually just coloured leaves. It represents the joyful holiday celebrations and when given as a gift, the hidden message is “You’re the only one.”


What’s your birth month flower?


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